Birth control

Everywoman's mural form our original locationWe offer some birth control methods for sale at our clinic, only on the day you are at the clinic. You cannot come back another day to buy them. You can pay with cash, VISA, Mastercard or debit cards.

For an overview of different birth control options click here.

Fertility returns very quickly after an abortion. If you do not want to be pregnant again right away and are at risk of pregnancy, it is recommended to begin a birth control method the day of or soon after your appointment (for example to have an IUD inserted during your appointment or start the birth control pill, patch, or ring the day after).

The copper IUD costs $75 for one that lasts up to five years and $90 for one that lasts up to 10 years, and can be purchased here. The Mirena or Jaydess intra-uterine system can be purchased at nearby pharmacies with a prescription. We can give you a prescription here once we know if a Mirena or Jaydess is suitable for you. The cost is around $300-$400. The cost may be partly or completely covered by extended medical coverage, First Nations Status, military or RCMP health coverage. Women on income assistance are usually covered for a Mirena by BC Pharmacare.You can find more information on IUDs here .

We have some types of birth control pills at $15 a package. You can buy up to six packages when you are here for your appointment.You can find more information on birth control pills here.

The Evra contraceptive patch costs $15 per set of three patches. You can buy up to six sets of three patches ($90 for six months of patches).

The NuvaRing costs $15 per ring. You can buy up to four rings ($60 for four months of rings).

The Depo Provera injection costs $45 and lasts for 12 weeks.

You can also buy the emergency contraceptive pill Plan B here for $20. A more effective option is the emergency IUD.

More information about birth control options is available from our staff when you come for an appointment.

To contact our clinic call 604-322-6692 from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday.