The aspiration (surgical) abortion procedure

Here is a brief outline of what you can expect while you are in our clinic for an aspiration (surgical) abortion appointment:mural-99

You will probably be at the clinic for two to three hours. First you will see a counsellor, who will explain about the abortion, answer questions, and talk about birth control if you want. Before the abortion a nurse will give you some medications, and start an intra-venous (IV). You can have sedation if you want it. A nurse will stay with you during the abortion.

The doctor will examine you, do an ultrasound and then she will start the abortion. The doctor numbs the cervix with a local anesthetic, like freezing at the dentist, and then dilates- or gently opens – the cervix (the opening to the uterus) a little bit to put in a small tube. She then removes the pregnancy with suction. It usually takes seven or eight minutes.

Most women get some cramps, often a stronger version of those with a period. The cramps usually go away quickly, in less than half an hour. Some bleeding and cramps are common for one week or more after the procedure.

You will rest in the clinic for at least half an hour after the abortion. We will give you an information sheet about how to take care of yourself afterwards. See our after the abortion page for more information.

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