Dr. Mollie Rawling


Dr. Mollie Rawling was the medical director of Everywoman’s Health Centre for many years. She dedicated herself to improving abortion care for women and to researching ways to reduce the discomfort women feel during abortions. Mollie was treasured by the staff and clients of Everywoman’s for her compassion, her generosity and her humour. The small but fiesty Scottish physician refused to be intimidated by the threats and violence against abortion providers by anti-choice forces during the 1990’s.
In addition to her long and varied career practicing medicine, Mollie was a dedicated kayaker, distance runner and grandmother. After her retirement, she devoted herself to her young grandchildren. She used her great strength and determination in her fight with ovarian cancer.  She died on April 18, 2004. This website is dedicated to her memory.  She is much missed.