The mural

painterAs part of the 1996 MayWorks Festival of Working People & the Arts, artist Cheryl Hamilton donated her time to create a mural for the outside wall of Everywoman’s Health Centre. Cheryl painted hollyhocks for the mural, a flower that originates in China and is a symbol of women’s strength.

The artist in action Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right.<br /><br />Ani Defranco Fear no art

In 2002 Everywoman’s Health Centre moved to it’s current location at Broadway and Commercial and the old clinic building was extensively renovated for its new residents. Sadly, the renovations meant the loss of the mural.

The mural lives on in digital form on this website. The staff of Everywoman’s Health Centre wish to express their profound gratitude to Cheryl Hamilton for her support, generosity and beautiful art.