Vancouver Abortion Clinic History


Everywoman’s Health Centre opened its doors on November 4, 1988. Originally located in East Vancouver at Victoria Drive and 44th Avenue, Everywoman’s was BC’s first freestanding abortion clinic and was established by activists from the women’s movement. When the clinic opened at this site, it endured massive anti-abortion protests for its first few years. Anti- choice individuals also bought the house next door to the clinic and were a constant harassment to staff, doctors and clients. Due to increasing volumes of work that could not be handled within the small Victoria Avenue location and the daily harassment of protesters, we decided to look for a new site for the clinic. The search took five years but we finally found our current Commercial Drive site in 2002. Since our relocation, we have had very few protesters and they are required by law to be on the opposite side of Commercial Drive from the clinic.

Everywoman’s is a non-profit clinic that is accredited by the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons and the National Abortion Federation (NAF). The clinic is a member of NAF Canada. EWHC has been involved in many research projects dealing with issues that affect abortion, contraception and reproductive care in general. Everywoman’s has always worked on a feminist model of service, which empowers women to participate in their own health care. We also adhere to the principals of responsibility, accountability and team work in our internal organizational structure.

Vancouver now has three other abortion clinics: Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic, the CARE program and Willow Women’s Clinic.